Artisan remote support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our remote technicians can log into our equipment at your mine site, diagnose problems, guide your technicians through the solution, and download software enhancements in real time. Issues that currently take weeks to resolve can now be resolved in minutes with our advanced remote service capabilities.

Remote Support

When the vehicle is plugged into the charger, the drive cycle logs are automatically downloaded and made available to Artisan’s remote monitoring team.  Based on these logs, Artisan recommends maintenance activities, resolves system performance issues, and updates software as needed.  The charger also enables voice and text communication between the vehicle operator and Artisan support staff thereby streamlining operational instruction and problem resolution.

On Site Support

Delivering high quality powertrain systems is only our first step in providing value to our customers. Once systems are delivered, we help our customers integrate these systems into their vehicles. We support the commissioning and ongoing operation of every vehicle that contains our products. We provide remote monitoring, preventative maintenance recommendations, software updates, and the on-site service tools necessary to implement and maintain our advanced systems. Proper installation of our powertrain system is critical to the success of the overall vehicle program. Artisan provides custom designed wiring harnesses, software and on-site vehicle commissioning support to ensure proper operation of our systems and seamless integration. Custom Location Facilities design.

Application Engineering

Having the proper tools helps ensure that a job is done efficiency and correctly.  Artisan provides a comprehensive set of tools that gives on-site technicians the ability to complete routine maintenance, diagnose problems, fix wiring issues, and repair components.  It is an essential addition to any on-site service bay and reduces vehicle downtime significantly.
When the performance of a battery cell drops below the acceptable threshold, it’s time to replace it.  Charging, balancing, and State-of-Charge leveling are critical steps that must be performed with precision before introducing a new cell into an existing pack.  Artisan has created a service device that gives on-site technicians the ability to complete these tasks safely and reliably.


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