We believe in keeping people safe and healthy.

This invaluable mission drives our mining customers. Enabling this mission is Artisan’s top priority.

These are not idle words uttered at board meetings.  They reflect a guiding principle that manifests in sustainability programs and health and safety initiatives.  Often these noble efforts are funded by the mining company’s profits.  But now, Artisan has enabled something extraordinary.  


Our vehicles are engineered for safety, efficency and production.

Our customers’ efforts to reduce diesel emissions underground not only provide a healthier work environment, but also increase production output and reduce cooling and ventilation costs.  Major mining companies throughout the world are implementing Artisan’s battery powered zero emission underground vehicles to improve the health of their employees while simultaneously increasing production, revenue, and net income.



The future of underground mining is battery powered.

Serving this honorable mission to improve the health of employees while simultaneously increasing the company’s production is a dream worth fighting for.  As we enable more success stories for our customers, we will see an even more rapid industry-wide switch to battery powered equipment.  Diesel’s days underground are numbered and Artisan is committed to accelerating its demise.



We are leading the charge.

We’re based in California, the heart of electric vehicle technology. We’re an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of zero emission battery powered mining vehicles.  Our core technology is its proprietary battery packs, electric motors, power electronics, software and control systems.  Our underground mining machines are designed from the ground up around these high powered, highly reliable, field proven battery electric powertrains.  

Artisan Z40 battery truck set for Kirkland Lake Gold.

Artisan Z40 battery truck set for Kirkland Lake Gold.

Originally posted by Paul Moore on 1st December 2017 at im-mining.com Artisan Vehicles, which describes itself as “the biggest game-changer among underground mining equipment OEMs”, is changing the game again with the Z40 haul truck. “Our new 40 t truck, the largest...

Vale to use Artisan Vehicle’s LHDs at Coleman mine

Vale will trial Artisan's A4 loader, pictured, and Atlas Copco's ST7 Battery, at its Coleman mine for six months. Courtesy of Artisan Vehicle Systems Vale’s Coleman nickel mine is trialling two battery-powered load-haul-dumps (LHDs) in its lowest ore body. Artisan...

Battery electric: the demise of diesel underground?

Battery-powered machines use powerful electric motors that not only eliminate diesel emissions, but also have more torque and power in a smaller package. This means that smaller batterypowered  machines can do the job of larger diesel-powered machines, moving more...

Artisan Vehicle Systems unveils 1.5-yard LHD

With four newly minted 153 LHDs deployed at two of North America’s deepest precious metal mines, Artisan Vehicle Systems is bracing for a growing demand for its battery-powered mining equipment. “We have lots of interest,” said Mike Mayhew, Artisan’s Sudbury-based...